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The Ukrainian music group “Shpyliasti Kobzari” presented their own version of the anthem of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, performing it in the Dutch language and accompanying on banduras, Ukrainian traditional instruments.

The performance was initiated by the non-governmental organization “Ideas for Change” and the project on bandura brand development “Bandura Style” to support the civic initiative #TAKISJA ( The latter aimed at gathering as more as possible video messages calling on Dutch citizens to support Ukraine at the referendum on the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement on April 6, 2016.

It was Yaroslav Dzhus, co-founder of the project “Bandura Style” and leader of “Shpyliasti Kobzari” music group, who made the bandura orchestration of the anthem. Oksana Borovets, Ukrainian poet, made the Ukrainian translation of one of the most ancient anthems in the world.

While addressing the Dutch people, the musicians pointed out the importance of support to Ukraine at the referendum in the Netherlands on April 6, 2016:
“We really want to live in the European country, without corruption, political and oligarchic shadow deals and without violations of the human rights. The EU Association Agreement is a framework that will help us build a new country. We believe in it! Please come on 6th of April and support Ukraine!”
Ideas for Change

“Ideas for Change” is an analytic startup, aimed at promoting new ideas and transformations in Ukraine. One of its objectives is to support Ukraine internationally via cultural diplomacy means. “Ideas for Change” work in an innovative format “think & act & change tank”.

Bandura Style

Bandura Style is a project to create bandura brand and to promote the Ukrainian musical instrument and Ukrainian music as a part of modern culture. One of the project tasks is to forge an international image of bandura as a symbol of progressive Ukraine (the project organizers believe that culture promotion directly influences the positive image of any country).

Shpyliasti kobzari

“Shpyliasti Kobzari” is a band of six young bright and energetic bandura players, who perform their own songs, instrumental pieces, covers of international hits and Ukrainian popular songs in a modern and a bit grotesque way. In 2011 the band got into top 50 in “Ukraine got talent” show. Their Ukrainian cover of the world famous Jingle Bells scored over 150,000 views on official Youtube channel since late December 2015.


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207 Ukrainians beleive in #TakIsJa

On April 6, people in the Netherlands will decide whether to support the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

#TAKISJA is a civic initiative aimed at gathering videos messages calling to Dutch citizens to support Ukraine.

Ukrainians are fighting for a fair and democratic country, free of corruption and oligarchy. Ukrainians died for this dream on Maidan. Afterwards, their aspirations for a European future became a pretext for Russian aggression.

Your 'YES' is a vote in support of millions of people who want to live with dignity in their country.